Create a Metric for a single Client Node using Metricbeat

Hi guys

I'm facing a problem trying to render all the information on the screen, I'm getting "..This container is too small to render the visualization.." so I came up with the idea to create separate dashbords for every node instead of trying to display all of them in a single graphic, so , my question is, how can I do that, be able to create an area chart for example, for CPU usage over time and say, apply THIS chart to THIS host only..

Thanks for your time and support

Lets say you have two per-node dashboards, one for node with hostname = A and one for node with hostname = B. Then, for the A dashboard, you can add this filter in the text filter bar at the top: beat.hostname:A. Save the dashboard and this filter will get saved with it. Rinse and repeat with B, and so on.

Thank you very much.

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