Dashboard mix indices


I have the stock Metricbeat System dashboard for a host running very well but would like to add a logstash based visualization that presents java heap memory stats. I can see that the visualizations are based on the query for the specific beat.name value and I assume the whole dashboard looks to that data source and so the added visualization using the logstash index never gets populated.

So I have seen a couple of requests for things like nested dashboards, or the ability to change dashboard indices but are there any practical solutions to "mix and match" indices on a dashboard at the moment?
I guess I could create a java only dashboard and hyperlink to that from the main host dashboard at a push, or would grokking in a field named beat.name with the relevant hostname value work?




You can definitely create a dashboard and add whichever visualizations you want for that particular dashboard which can belong to a single index pattern or multiple indexpatterns.

It does come with some limitations. We cannot choose a indexpattern per visualization in dashboard yet. But that is coming soon.

Does that help?


Many thanks and yes it does, looks like I can leave the sample dashboards in place and then create a new dashboard dedicated to the various visualizations that can contain mixed indexpatterns with a hyperlink to join them, going forward the indexpattern per visualization would be the answer but this is the answer for now,

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