Can We Bind Default Dashboard to custom Index pattern?

Hi Team,

Can we Bind Default Beats Dashboards to Custom index pattern through logstash ??
Actually I am trying to Bind the Default Dashboards to custom Index pattern but Unfortunately I am unable to find anything on Internet.

If any one know's pls let me know or any reference pls let me know and I am using 7.10.1 Beats installation.

You will have to edit each saved object from the Dashboard to use the new index pattern. There is no way of doing this easier.
But if you don't have a logstash index and only the one with the custom name, an easier way would be to create an alias and then do an Index pattern on that alias.

Thanks for your Replay,

But I m unable find index pattern name in Saved Objects from Dashboard.

yes I created Index pattern and I need to create Dashboards as well because of default dashboard index pattern is different and my index pattern is different so Is it possible to do with default dashboard .

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