Import Dashboards on non standard indexes

I was trying to import some of the default beats dashboards via :
/usr/share/packetbeat/scripts/import_dashboards -i customindexname -beat PacketBeat
But i cannot see them on Kibana with custom index names but i see them correctly with the default index names such as (filebeat, metricbeat, packetbeat..), i'm doing something wrong?
I want to use the default dashboards on indexes that aren't metricbeat,packetbeat, filebeat-(date)

Do i need to make some configuration on Kibana or i'm missing some index settings?

You will need to edit the json, or the visualisations, to point to the new indices.

Could you elaborate more?
From the Kibana dashboard i tried to edit Visualizations & Dashboards on "Edit Saved Objects" but i can't find anywhere the index pattern "packetbeat" to edit with my "customindexname-packebeat".
How could i edit it directly from ES?

You can't, you need to export things and manually edit them.

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