Importing Beats Dashboards and Index Patterns

Hi there,

I am working on deploying an Elastic Stack that will contain data from Metricbeat and Packetbeat. To visualize the data in Kibana I'll need to set up the dashboards for these beats' data, and I'd like to import the default dashboards for them.

From what I can tell, the only way to import these dashboards at the moment is to install the beat and then use it's setup command to import the dashboards. Unfortunately this won't work for me because the beats are running in a different network from Elasticsearch so I can't point my beat config to ES. We would also not like to have to install the beats on our ES node just to import the dashboards since that seems like overkill.

I see that just the beats dashboards are available through the Elastic Archive, but I can't import these files through the Kibana import Saved Objects (gives an error).

Is there a way to import only the beats dashboards without having to install the beats?


Unfortunately, there is no other way.

The dashboard files you are referring to are not intended to be imported via the UI. They can be imported using setup. So you need to install your Beat in the same network as Kibana, as from 6.0 dashboards are loaded using Kibana.

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