Importing beats dashboards from file system fails

Using Metricbeat 6.7.2, Elasticsearch 6.7.0, Kibana 6.7.0

I'd like to be able to "pre-load" selected Beats dashboards into a Kibana/Elasticsearch instance before setting up any client Beats instances or modules. When I create the cluster instance, I also bring in the Metricbeat and Packetbeat JSON files for dashboards, copied from /usr/share/metricbeat/kibana.

When I attempt to use the Kibana UI to load the JSON files from /usr/share/metricbeat/kibana, I receive the error message: "Saved objects file format is invalid and cannot be imported."

Before I dig into the code, could someone enlighten me as to why the dashboard JSON files cannot be imported directly as "saved objects"?

Thanks in advance,

Rather than deleting the question, please answer with your new approach. Others might have the same question and can learn from it :slight_smile:

Rather than attempting to import the dashboards from the file system, I fired up a local Elasticsearch/Kibana/Metricbeat/Packetbeat/Logstash combo.

Then I exported the dashboards from that, and imported those dashboards into my existing Kibana instance.

It's a bit circuitous but it worked.

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