How to use different indices for a single dashboard

Hey team, I need a particular doubt or issue about how to create different visualizations from different indices. I mean, we have a dashboard to monitor our application, Into that dashboard, we have different visualization using metricbeat-* pattern, and we are using a proper field to filter per application using "Control" visualization. eg:

This is working perfectly.

Now, we added apm-server. so we are monitoring our app using the apm-agent-php. but we don't have the same field, so when we create visualization and try to use the same control, the visualization shows no results.

My question is. is there a way to have different visualization from different indices "index-pattern" in a single dashboard? I mean, maybe using "and" "or" operators?
Not sure if it's possible, but if you need more info to clarify just let me know.

Thanks a lot!

in the same dashboard, can we have visualizations that match on different indexes? = the answer is yes

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