How to use multiple indices for single dashboard

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Is it possible to use multiple indices to plot single dashboard?

We are running Jmeter scripts on different environment like Dev, test and Pre-Prod, we want all the results in the same dashboard. can do this if we have all the data in multiple indices.

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Hey @MithunPallakki,

You absolutely can! Each visualization on your dashboard will be associated to a particular index pattern, but when you create a dashboard, you can include as many of your visualizations as you'd like, no matter which index pattern they use

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Thanks for you valuable response Larry.

but my main concern is i want to use only one visualisation graph in my dashboard it should have all my different test run indices.
In case if i run 10 test run on a single day then this will hold good for this kind of situation?

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If all of your indices have a similar name and mapping, then you can group them into a single index pattern, and use that single pattern within the visualization.

All Kibana visualizations are based off of index patterns, which are groups of one or more indexes. So as long as your indexes can be grouped into a single pattern, then this will work just fine for you. For more information on index patterns, see our guide here:

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