Visualize in one graph all cluster's indices

for better search performance I decided to divide my information between multiple indices
because that it is a naturally easy way to filter down data when I am searching. my indexes are based on dates.

all indices have the same structure
If I want to search two days worth of data, Elasticsearch only has to query two indices.
but how can I visualize all indices's data united in kibana dashboard.?
I want to see the cluster's data in my dashboard
I created dashboard but it seems like I can visualize only one index's data (in each graph\pie\map etc.) but not multiple indices together.
what if I want to visualize all cluster's data together, for example, a pie chart that visualize all indices's data

please answer if it is possible

Hi @liron_gofberg

Kibana has index patterns, which allow you to group like indexes together, which sounds like exactly what you are trying to do here. You should be able to make a logstash* index pattern that will match all of your logstash indexes.

Check out the docs for index patterns and it will walk you through creating a logstash index pattern.

Hope that helps

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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