Creating common Kibana dashboard for multiple Elasticsearch indices

Hi Guys ,

I am trying to create system metric dashboard for my servers , as a part of it i am fetching system data using filebeat and pushing them into isolated ( system specific ) elastic indexes ; I have successfully created the Kibana dashboard for one of the servers but i really don't want to re-create same dashboard again and again for my every machine explicitly ;

Is there any way by which i can share my already created dashboard with data from other indexes too .

Kindly Help !!

hi @Ritesh_Sharma,

You can add multiple visualizations from different indices to the same Dashboard, but you will have to recreate those.

This is actually an outstanding feature request: I'd say you add any additional thoughts or comments about that feature there.

Thanks for your help; Creating multiple visuals on same dashboard from distinct indexes will not resolve my worries completely ( due to massive count of eligible servers for monitoring ).

Anyways, i have +1 on given git URL and hoping to get this feature in use very soon .

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