Creating and Recycling Dashboard Template over multiple indices

Hi, I am relatively new to Kibana and elastic. But for quite some time I am struggling to to find an answer to this question:
Is it possible with Kibana to create a Dashboard template, that I can re-use for different indices?

Ideally, this would mean that I could create a fully functioning dashboard by simply changing the indices for the various visualisations, without having to completely redo them. I appreciate the help!

Hey @Max_Handle,

There is no convenient way to do that today, but this is something we're exploring in the scope of You can take a look at this one and see what workarounds are proposed for the time being and leave your feedback if any.

It'd also be potentially possible to use Kibana import/export API if you're up to programming. The script could potentially export particular dashboard with all relevant visualizations, change visualizations references to another index pattern and import that updated JSON back.


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