Kibana Dashboard Templating


I set up a custom Dashboard to monitor various aspects of a specific application. This application is deployed for multple clients and I give clients access to their own dashboard to monitor their own instances of the application.
The way I've done this so far is using separate index patterns in Elasticsearch for each client and re-creating the same visualizations, searches and dashboard by exporting them from Kibana, doing a search and replace of the client name and importing them back into kibana.
This is a bit tedious and error prone so I was wondering if there is a way to either automate the process or, even better, have some sort of shared "template" dashboard working for all clients, on their own indexes.


Hey @alpa this is a really common ask, is tracking this issue at the moment as we actively explore the solution. If you would give this issue a +1 or comment with your specific needs, it'll help us prioritize this issue appropriately.

Thank you Brandon

You can actually do this pretty easy if you use appropriately named customer specific indexes, and X-Pack Security.

I see what you mean. Currently we are not using X-Pack Security but I will keep it in mind


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