Embedd kibana in customer's own elasticsearch

We are planning to create dashboard for customers, that use elasticseach as part of our product. By that, we try to build default dashboards, that analyze the same data for each customer, but specified on their on index. Is it possible to embedd the dashboards, so that the installation on the customers' servers is always the same, but the analyses is specific for each customer?
This question is for all Elasticsearch and Kibana versions.

Thank you very much!

If each installation is seperate for each customer, then just keep the index name the same, then your index patterns (and thus visualisation settings) are all the same.

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Thank you, Mark for your answer! Our indices are provided with a timestamp in their name, so it would be impossible to make them all the same. Would there be any other solution?

Patterns can use wildcards.

Though ideally, use ILM.

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