Kibana - defining access to multi customers sharing same dashboard


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I have 3 customers namely a,b,c.

Log format among the above three customers are same.
I have an index called customer-a, customer-b, customer-c in my elasticsearch and also created an alias index called customer-*.

Having mentioned, I have created visuals and dashboard(say home_dashboard) using customer-* index.

So now, I am able to view all three customers data(since i used customer-* index) in visuals and dashboard(home_dashboard).
Now, all three customers want to see and analyze their data.

I can create a user with view dashboard only access and assign access only to their index.

For ex., User a is created (for customer a) and is given access only to customer-a index and view access to dashboard(home_dashboard).

Though index are different how do I make sure customer a,b,c view only their data and not other customers data? (all customers share the same home_dashboard template)

(Brandon Kobel) #2

Hey @Kathir_J, you'll want to create separate roles that provide access to different indices. If you create a role which grants access to only index customer-a, you can then assign that role to only the users of customer a. The "index pattern" that you create in Kibana can still reference customer-* and the dashboards can be built against this same index, but when the customer's users access it they'll be limited to their subset of data.

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