Single Kibana Dashboard for All Users Limited with their Own Data

How to implement following scenario with ELK stack.

  • Multiple users with same data type
  • Single Kibana Dashboard for all users
  • Each user should see own data on Dashboard

The data type is same for all users. Should we create separate index for each user?

How to restrict user to see own data on single Dashboard?

I'd use Kibana Spaces for this.

Actually I see that you are using the same dashboard for all.

You can setup multiple roles for each user type and give access to the data/index you want. But if your dashboard is exactly the same for every user but the data is different I am not sure how that would work.

Something I have done in the past is attaching the permissions to the data.




Then when setting up users and roles the ops people get access to the ops data. When the dashboard loads then only the data associated with "department":"ops" is queried and displayed. But you will need your data to have this type of field to do this.

We have e-commerce data for multiple sellers. We will use single Dashboard with KPI visualisations.
Each seller should see own KPI data.

Can following be implemented?

  • Unique Index name for each User with same data schema
  • Kibana visualisations with global * index pattern
  • Restrict the individual user to own index for Kibana

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