How can we restrict to show data on kibana from different users?

There are two dashboards created which are having independent data. I need to create three users - Admin, user-1, and user-2. Admin can see both the dashboards, user-1 should be able to see dashboard-1 and user-2 should be able to see dashboard-2. How can we achieve this?

I am using Elasticsearch free version 7.14.1.

I hope someone would have achieved this already. Any suggestion on the above will be highly appreciated.


Hi @sajesh_sb ,

You can use kibana Spaces function

Hey @sajesh_sb :wave:

You could achieve that using Kibana spaces:

  • Create two kibana spaces
  • Set up dashboards in each space (you can import them from the default space)
  • Create two user roles, and set up privileges for each to access only one of the spaces

Thanks, @FALEN, and @Dmitrii_Shevchenko for the response.

I will go through it and will get back to you.

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Hi @All, I have a few concerns.

  1. If we have created spaces and roles, is there a chance that it is visible to everyone? All the data are confidential and user-1 should not be able to see the data from space-2.

  2. Is it possible on the free version of Elasticsearch?

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