Kibana User/Client specific Dashboard

How can I create an user specific dashboard,

I have created 2 different dashboard and users:
Dashboard:- "Dashboard no.1" & Dashboard no.2
User:- "User A" & "User B"

"user A" can see dashboard no.1 but not no.2 and "user B" can see dashboard no.2 and users cannot see each other dashboard.

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Have a look at Kibana spaces. This feature with security features will help you to do what you want.

Is there any blog where I can see the process.
there is one more issue that user A should not be able to see user b dashboard. explains how to create spaces. You can assign users to a space and any user not assign to that space will not be able to see the space or any of the dashboards within that space.

The downside of this is that as dashboards and visualizations are completely separate, any changes you make to one dashboard will not be applied to the same dashboard in a different space. Can be solved easy enough by importing/exporting dashboards but something to keep in mind.

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