Any-way-to-show-different-dashboards-for-different-users for same org in same space

Hi Experts!

Is there any possible way for me to show different Kibana dashboards for different users? For example, I have 4 users in the same org, as the org is the same the data/dashboards are stored in the same space.

Suppose I have 4 dashboards and the user1 should access only dashboard 1,
user2 should access only dashboard 2 and so on.

Right now user1 is able to see all 4 dashboards in the space but we want only dashboard1 to be visible for him and all other dashboards should be hidden from his ID, post adding privileges user1 is able to see data from dashboard1 but still, other dashboards are visible in his id though data is not visible from other dashboards due to privileges.

The requirement is single user should see only desired dashboard/s and all other dashboards should be hidden in a single space. As all users are from the same org, making different spaces doesn't make sense here.

Pls share/suggest any ways to do this.
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Thank you in advance!

I found this article but anything apart from this would be really helpful.

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What you are describing sounds like the perfect use case for multiple spaces so that is what I would recommend. They are used to control access which exactly what you are looking for.

Acknowledged Chris.

In my use case, every org is assigned to a single space and every org contains multiple users and dashboards. In order to provide the access to particular users for particular dashboards, multiple roles need to be built which may not be feasible for a large set of users/dashboards.

Please share your thoughts and let me know whether it is doable in some other ways in single space.

A subspace inside a space could have solved this I guess.
For Ex-Logistic Dept dashboards, IT Dept, Marketing, Sales can be present in a single space for single org.

Thank you in advance!

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