User access privilege on specific dashboard

I have created 2 different dashboard and users:
"Dashboard1" and "Dashboard 2"
"User A" and "User B"
-"user A" can see only "Dashboard1"
-"user B" can see only "Dashboard 2".
How can i solve this problem please !

You can do this using separate spaces:

@flash1293 thanks for reply.

i have another question please!
in my space a create 3 dashboards , then i create a user (user2)to access to this dashboards , but whene (user) log in to his space, he can only read the first dashboard:
the others be like this

It looks like the roles you assigned to this user are allowed to access the space, but they are not allowed to access the data indices the visualizations are built with. Make sure the user has access to the underlying data as well.

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