Kibana Users Premissions

I want to allow Kibana users to be able to read and access only their dashboard.
I have Kibana 7.2 but in the meantime I can allow users to access only the dashboards but they have an option to choose what dashboard to see.
Is there any way i can allow only them to access only their dashboard?

your question is little confusing.

but if you want A user to have access to dashboardS a_space and b_space sure you can do that.

create a space calle a_space, b_space
create a role called A1_role, assign a_space (space privilage to it)
create a role called B1_role and assign b_space (space privilage to it)

now go to user and assign role A1_role and B1_role to that user

We're tracking the ability to create Dashboards which are only visible to the author (or who else they decided to share it with) here In the meantime, using a "space per user" is the closest solution that we have.

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