Any way to show different dashboards for different users?

Hi Experts!

Is there any possible way for me to show different Kibana dashboards for different users? For example, I have 4 user groups. Every user group should have access to one dashboard but no permission to other dashboards. I found X-pack has role-based authorization and the following similar question also tried to find a solution for a similar question (Any way to show different kibana view to different users?). But it is still not clear for me. Does it mean the instance '.kibana' is a copy of original new kibana which can create different dashboard in 'Dashboard' function? How about if I only want my users to have 'Dashboard' tag in kibana and only one created dashboard showed in 'Dashboard' tag without any other extra information? And because I may have hundreds of users and several user groups, is there any possible convenient way to set up authorization, like creating a User database and import it into X-pack? Is it ok to have as many '.kibana' instance as I want?

Thank you in advance!

Hey @landy,

It sounds like Kibana Spaces might do exactly what you want! With Spaces, you can organize your dashboards into different groups (called "spaces"), and then with security enabled, you can configure which users have access to which spaces.

Check out my blog post here for an intro: This is slightly out of date, as we recently introduced Feature Controls, but all the concepts are the same! I'm happy to help with any specific configuration questions you have.

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