Kibana multiple roles and visualize/dashboard list isolation

Hi, I have created two roles A and B with A having access to all indices starting with a (a*) and B having access to all indices starting with b (b*). As expected the data is not visible across the indices for the users who have been assigned a specific role. However i can see the visualization list, dashboard list and index patters list (recently used list) across roles. That means if i login as a user with role 'A', I can see visualization/dashboard/index pattern list created by a user with role 'B' and vice versa. The data/report is not visible but shows blank or some odd error message. IS there a way to control this? Thanks!

Searching through some of the previous posts, it looks like this is not possible at present because these information is stored in .kibana* index and may need multiple instance to control it. This is a big turn off especially for multi-tenant environments where we do not want a tenant to see other tenant's visualization and dashboard definitions. Is there a fix to this anytime in near future? Thank you.

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