User and role authentication

Hi All,

We have purchased x-pack and we were creating users and roles in the kibana interface.
But only the super user works ,I created a new role like below

I then logged out and i logged using the created user ,am not able to view anything , I could see icons in the left,but if I wan to see dashboard or discover , I could see anything

Please any one help me ,in figuring this out :slight_smile:

Probably you are missing some privileges on .kibana index?

Thank you friend for the reply :slight_smile: I have added .kibana* in the indices under index privileges, it works fine.But just want to know if we can give permissions on dashboards ?
Like read only to the dashboard created.


I think it's not supported yet. For now may be you need to have separated Kibana instances for that but I'm not the right person to answer.

Thankyou for the quick reply,Have a great day ahead :slight_smile:

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