Roles, users and viewing the dashboard

I have two dashboards - one displaying data from the client system and one displaying data from Kibanas own .security index.

I have made two roles:

I want the people in "user_data" to be able to view the dashboard from the client system, and I want people with also the "user_security" role to be able to view the dashboard from .security.

The dashboard with client data works fine.
I simply can't get Kibana to view the individual visualizations from the .security dashboard. Unless the user is a superuser, all the visualizations just says "0" og "No results found".

I have even tried making a new role and copying all information from the superuser-role, but it doesn't work either.

My security role looks like this:

Is it something with the .security index that works differently than others?

Hey @_Louw,

Yes, the .security index does behave differently. It's intentionally excluded from index privileges by default, as users typically do not intend for this index to be viewable by anyone.

If you need to grant access to .security, then you'll want to use Kibana's Role API instead, and when you specify your index privilege for .security, you'll want to set allow_restricted_indices: true. So your role might look something like:

   "cluster": ["all"],
   "indices" [{
       "names": [".security*"],
       "privileges": ["all"],
       "field_security": { "grant": ["*"]},
       "allow_restricted_indices": true

You can set this flag to true once via the API for a specific role, and then continue editing it within the Kibana role management screen, and it will remember the setting. We just don't expose this as an option in the interface currently.

Thank you! This works perfectly :).

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