Kibana dashboard only User


I have setup kibana 7.3 i need some of my teammates to view only the kibana dashboard so i created the new user and assigned role as kibana dashboard only user the user was successfully created.When they login login was successful and when they open the dashboard it says that error in visualisation....

But when i open with elastic{superuser} i can open the dashboard.

Please help me if i am missing out something

Hi @vinu89, thanks for your question.

I'm going to need a bit more information about what's going wrong here in order to help you fix this.

Is there an error thrown in the browser console in that case? What types visualizations fail? Is it possible that the new user you created doesn't have access to the indices used on the dashboard?

Hello, I have encountered the same problem. Have you solved it? Could you take a look at it for me? In my post

sorry for the late reply.I have created the dashboard under superuser which was elastic.I dnt want to share the entire kibana to my team.I just want to give the dashboard so under users i created kibana_dashboard only user . Then when the person logged in and click on the dashboard name it said that error in visualisations all visualisation which i have created.

Following is the error

"mes sage":"[security_exception] action [indices:data/read/msearch] is unauthorized f or user [vinu]"}

Hi @vinu89 @kakano.1 ,

Thanks for the error message, this is very helpful.

Did you only assign the kibana_dashboard_only_user role to the user in question? kibana_dashboard_only_user does not grant access to any data indices, so you have to create a separate role with read access to the indices used on the dashboard and also assign in to the user.

It's the third step outlined in

Let me know whether that solves your problem.