Problem with creation of users with the correct role

I have failed to create a kibana user that can see specific dashboards and their data.
Perhaps you can tell me what I may be missing, I tried to use the existing roles in the Kibana 6.2.2 I have, and I also tried creating new roles.
The best result I got was that the user can see the dashboard, and visuals, but no data from the index.

My index is called "test1" my user is called "test1user" and my visuals and dashboard show data only from the test1 index.

I gave my "test1user" the following permissions:
roles: test1user, kibana_user, watcher_user

Thanks in advance !

What roles did you give test1user? Do any of the roles have privileges for the index?

I tried a bunch of things, therefore suggest that you assume I know nothing, what do I need to provide that user to see data from the "test1" index and the visualizations for the index?

Create a role and add read/write access to the desired index to the role. Add the role to user.

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