[security 6.2.2] hide some visualizations and index patterns


I want to grant access to some users in kibana (security in x-pack). I create a role my_role with some index pattern I allow to my users.

I create some users with my_role+kibana_user+machine_learning_user

Now, the problem is that if I create some visualizations on other indices (with an other role), the users can see them. When they open it they are empty, but at least they see the name.

It is the same for the list of index patterns. They can see the full list, event the indices they do not have rights on.

How can I avoid this?

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Do you want I reformulate?

There is no way to avoid this in current versions of Kibana. Segregation of visualisations is a planned feature, but at the moment the only per-user security is on the underlying data, not the dashboards & visualisations, etc.

Is it possible to deploy 2 instances of kibana with different kibana.index ? would it work modifying this property only?

in that case, the users and roles of x-pack are shared?

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