Limiting access to visualizations

Hi @elastic

Is there anyway I can use the "Granted Documents Query" to restrict access to visualizations without creating different ".kibana" indices per use case as suggested in this topic Any way to show different kibana view to different users??

For example if I have the following visualizations/dashboards, I would like to control which role has access to it.

role_end_users => Common visualizations/dashboards
role_managers => Common visualizations/dashboards, management-related visualizations/dashboards

Appreciate your inputs and suggestions.


Hi @kenneth, yes, you can do that. With X-pack Security module you can restrict/grant different access rights to different user groups starting from dashboards, ending with specific fields on specific indices. More info you can find on X-pack docu page

@emil.mirzayev when you said ending with specific fields on specific indices, may i know what you mean by that?

I mean that, you can even block some fields on some indices for a user. The user will see all fields that has access to. This is very specific use case

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