Visualisation for Objects in kibana


I'm new in elasticstask, and I'm doing a Proof of concept in order to know wheter Kibana is convenient for the needs of my developement team.

I use x-pack for tester the security and I have found with satisfaction that it has a very good granularity for index and fields of documents in elasticksearch.

But my questions is about Kibana. I have two accounts created, user1 and user2. I have created an index pattern with the user1, but the user2 can see the index patterns that user1 has created. The same case ocurrs for the visualisations that user1 create, user2 can see them.

I wanted have the same granularity that I have with the indexes and fields in elasticsearch, with the kibana objects.

Is there a way to do that? or shall I accept that all the users will see all the index patterns and visualisations without privileges of access.

Thank you.


You will want to create roles with index privileges in Kibana.

and restrict the index privileges. That should help you.


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