Privileges to create index patterns

I have a role that I would like to give the option to create index patterns.
How is that possible?
The role already have
to all (*) indices in the cluster.

What am I missing?


The setup you're showing looks like it would work. Are you seeing errors? Also, it looks like the settings you're showing are not really restricting users: could you leave the privileges more open?

The settings above are just trial and error to give users the option to create index patterns.
Currently, they cannot do it.

I dont see errors, but dont see the menu item to create patterns either.

Thank you

Did you add any Kibana privileges to these users?

Yes I have

It looks like you've set these users to have no privileges for index pattern management: this explains everything.

What is the solution? How can I give these privileges?
Thank you

In the screenshot above, you can change the user privileges from "Index pattern management" permissions of "None" to "All"- that should do it

Thank you.
I missed it.

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