Which 'permission' for 'create user patternn'?

Hi there,
when I (as an cluster admin) enter the index name in the search field at "create index pattern" the index is displayed. When the customer does this, no index is found.
So, which permission for him is needed to accomplish this?
I am running version 7.8.1. It is not that clear to me consulting the documentation:
Link: Security privileges | Elasticsearch Guide [7.8] | Elastic
Please give me an insight!
Thank you!!

PS I am running a gold licence.
PPS The current cluste privilege is 'monitor'.
Indices have 'read' 'view_index_metedata'

What should at least be necessary on index level (or elsewhere) to achive the goal for a standard user to add / edit his own kibana patterns in his own space?
Thank you!

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