Kibana role is not working as expected

Hello there,

I have created one space on kibana named "space-a" and have given access to 2 users. both users has access of different index patterns and dashboards. However, when user-1 is trying to open dashboard list page he is able to see dashboard which is not accessible to him. and when he clicks on that dashboard at that time error pops up that index pattern not found. this is strange behaviour as I have given access to 1 index pattern and 1 dashboard but still he is getting other dashboards name on the list. However, he is not able to see charts as it gives an error but can't we just show only relevant dashboard in dashboard list as well instead of showing all the dashboards name in the list?

Please refer attached image. when user has access of only sales dashboard still he is getting web traffic dashboard name on the list so how can I hide it from the list based on user role?


Kibana privileges works per spaces. You couldn't set access control for individual dashboards saved in the same space.

You may create different spaces if you want to distinguish dashboard accessibility.

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