Kibana spaces and loading of unauthorized index patterns

Hello, I am trying to create a solution where users based on their roles would have access to specific spaces and specific indices. I was able to create roles that enable that, and when I log in with my test user I only see the space that user is authorized to see, which is good. My problem is that when I go to discover or dashboards, user can select index pattern or dashboard whose data he is not authorized to see. So basically he can go to discover of that index pattern and can't see any data. I couldn't find an option for hiding this loading of unnecessary index patterns and dashboards. Am I missing something or doing something wrong? I found this part in Kibana guide [7.15] and I really hope that this is not the final answer to my question. """"With security features enabled, if you load a Kibana dashboard that accesses data in an index that you are not authorized to view, you get an error that indicates the index does not exist. The security features do not currently provide a way to control which users can load which dashboards."""" Thanks

Every space has their own index patterns, visualizations, and dashboards that are independent of other spaces.

Inside that space just delete what you don't want them to have access to. If you delete the index pattern then they can no longer view that index and create visualizations off of it.

Thank you for your quick reply. This solved my problem.

At first I was confused since somehow my spaces that I created had the index patterns for all of my indices, although I did not create any of them. All is good now, and the new spaces I create are "empty" and make me create my own index pattern which was the behavior I expected initially.

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