Load index pattern from Default Space to New Space

I have two spaces named- Default and XYZ. I made a user role called abc which has read only access to discover, dashboards and such tabs.

In default I have indexes which have data and logs. I have made dashboards in default as well which I want to be shown in new space. Write now I see no data in new space as it says- "In order to visualize and explore data in Kibana, you'll need to create an index pattern to retrieve data from Elasticsearch"

Do I have to give new space user the read access to index pattern management? How can I make dashboards visible in new space from the indexes in default space? How can I load data from default space index to new space?

Hi @LizaD , would you have any idea about this? Thank you!

Hi @Mehak_Bhargava!

Nice to hear from you again! Yes you can export/import saved objects and you can move dashboards between spaces. I thought this blog gave some nice details on how to do:

Let me know if this helps.


Thanks @LizaD. This was one way without adding index patterns. I also changed the new user role to only see a few things on default space as all my dashboards showed data in default only as log information was loaded there via index pattern.
In new space, looks like we cant even proceed to import export without having index patterns. So once enabled those, this article helped!


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Yay @Mehak_Bhargava glad you got it working :slight_smile: !

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