How to set default index-pattern for different users

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I have user-A with access to index-A and user-B with access to index-B. Both use Kibana to visualize data and there are two index-patterns defined (one for each index).

As far as I know, I can only set one index-pattern as default from all available index-patterns.

Problem is that if I set index-pattern-A as default, user-B get an error "403 - Unable to update UI setting" because it can't access index-A.

Is it possible to have a default index-pattern, other then index-patterns defined to access index-A or index-B, that "fits" all users?


Thank you

Maybe creating Spaces for each users is easiest. In each space the index patterns are only for that space.

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Hi Aaron, thanks for your prompt reply :slight_smile:

That seams awesome but I can't find any setting on "spaces" to configure an index-pattern.

All I can see is "General configs" (space name, avatar, etc) and "Features" (set feature visibility). Can you please point me to the right path?

In spaces you have your own separate index patterns and visualizations. So if you have 2 different users in 2 different spaces they are isolated.

Is this feature on Ver: 7.15.0 on-prem installation? or Elastic Cloud only?

Should be available on all as far as I know.

The kibana_admin role or equivalent is required to manage Spaces.

This could be the reason you aren't seeing it though.

I'm quite sure that's not the case as my user have an "super" role which have all privileges on Elastic, Indices and Kibana (I can also login as elastic reserved user if needed). I just can't find here where to configure default index-pattern within any specific Space :frowning:

You don't set it there. You would set it in Index Patterns inside your own space.

  1. Create 2 spaces.
  2. Assign users to different spaces.
  3. Inside the space create index pattern and set default.
  4. Repeat for other space.
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I'm sorry for not knowing the basics (rookie here).

My user is able to see all user Spaces and choose each one on top left corner. Them, I'll create desired index patterns for them and set one as default.

Thank you!

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