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We have an Elasticsearch index that has data for multiple teams and organizations. When we set-up visualizations, we write filters for filtering by team and org. And then set-up a team level dashboard. The dashboards are very similar. What we are looking for is a way to produce these dashboards in bulk by just specifying the team name as a filter.
Does Kibana 5.5 support template dashboards or a similar feature? In the absence of this, we are wondering how we mass update these dashboards in case there is a visualization change that has to be applied for all the team dashboards? What is the quickest way of achieving this?

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Does Kibana 5.5 support template dashboards or a similar feature?

It does not. Dashboards are simply documents in Elasticsearch though, so if you can craft them correctly, you can just index them in Elasticsearch and they'll show up in Kibana. Likewise, if you need to make changes to them in bulk, you can do that with Elasticsearch as well.

We've also got a Kibana API in the works that will allow you to create saved objects that way. I don't know the status of that though, and I can't find an issue for it, but it will probably happen as part of this issue, if I had to guess.

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Thank you!

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