Dashboard Templates Kibana 5.0.0 alpha-2?


I'm quite new to ELK stack and deving on 5.0.0.

I want a single Master Kibana Dashboard showing summary Topbeat statistics, and a Detail dashboard for each Server. I will use a Markup Visualization for navigation between dashboards.

Strikes me that for each Server Dashboard I'm re-doing each visualization, and replicating dashboards (one for each server). I'm building up a future maintenance nightmare.

I would much rather have Template visualizations, and a Template Dashboard (containing the Template Visualizations(. Then pass a parameter to the Template Dashboard (for example the server name) which propagates down to each visualization. Then I just have 1 of everything to maintain for all the Server detail dashboard & visualizations - instead of 1 of everything per server.

Is this possible please ?

Many Thanks in anticipation,


You should start by looking at https://github.com/elastic/beats/tree/master/topbeat/etc/kibana which is a collection of JSON documents for the .kibana index. They include a topbeat-* index pattern, some visualizations and a dashboard based on Topbeat data. This script will load the documents into Elasticsearch.