Parameterized dashboards


I have about 10 different visualizations in my Kibana and 5 elasticseach indexes, each of them contains a very very big scope of documents with the same structure (They were separated for more quick search).

So, I wanted to create separate 5 Dashboards for each of indexes and use there my 10 visualizations, which will present the data only from their own index.
I want to avoid the duplication of visualizations, cause there I should to create 50 visualizations and support them.

Is it a way to create parameterized dashboards, where I can use the same visualizations which will show the numbers from needed index?

Thank you.

That question comes up fairly often. There's not a built-in way that I know of.

Have a look at;

Has anybody answered this? I can not get this to work with a "Saved" dashboard but can do with a "Snapshot". The problem I have with the "snapshot" is that it doesn't hide the controls. The only tool I found that allowed me to parameterize a dashboard is Grafana.

Hi zepp,

Are you trying to create duplicate dashboards in Kibana for each index, or are you trying to embed the dashboards in another page(s)?
And if you duplicate dashboards in Kibana, do they have to update together or individually if you make a change?


Thanks for reaching out. I was embedding the page using an iframe --- I came back to it yesterday and was able to get the snapshot to work.

Basically I am attempting to create an HTML form to help the end user construct a filter/query (from simple to complex) and pass/apply it to a dashboard.

I am hoping we can purchase X-Pack which would help by providing the ability to have R/O dashboards but templates are still a challenge. I can use a Kibana field formatter to link dashboards but templating is still an issue.