How to dynamically create kibana dashboard in 5.0?

noob here!

from what i was able to Google, it seems that the entire dashboard is encoded in the URL? So i should be able to do it that way?!

My data relates to an email newsletter, in which i'm looking at "performance indicators" like open vs click rate. So i'm trying to build an automatic report so non-technical people on my team can digest it easily

any advice welcome!

its not that simple, but its not impossible ...

dashboard url contains all the dashboard settings (timerange, filters, query, which visualizations to load and where)
but you will need to build visualizations first ....

on the other hand ... visualization is as well fully encoded in the url (the query, filters, time range, settings of visualization) .

also both visualizations and dashboards are actually saved in elasticsearch ... so you could generate them, save them there and then just send the link out.

ahhh thanks thanks

Ok sounds a bit harder to make a complete dashboard, but I can do it with individual visualizations. In that case, I'm thinking I can make a dashboard outside of Kibana in my Django site which just embeds the visualizations

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