Need to integrate Kibana dashboard directly to a website

My team and I have been working on a Twitter sentiment analysis project. We are collecting data for this purpose and creating a dashboard. We are currently building a website and want to create a model in which if a user clicks on a link, it will directly render the dashboard page to the user without any complications of signing in. Can we create a dynamic dashboard with Python code? Can we also choose the filters directly from a dashboard? For example, I have a dashboard called "Shashank," and within it, we have a location filter. So, if a user types in "Mumbai" in the website (not in the dashboard), will the location filter change in the dashboard?

There are two general approaches you could take:

  • Create a dashboard on the fly using the saved object API: Saved objects APIs | Kibana Guide [master] | Elastic
  • Pass in the dashboard configuration via the URL - go to a new dashboard, configure a bunch of panels, then go to "Share" button and select Permalinks > Snapshot > Copy link. The copied link will include the full dashboard configuration. Keep in mind that for real world dashboard the URL can quickly get too long for this to work reliably in all browsers, but it's worth considering for simple dashboards

Will it be possible for Elastic cloud as well?

I'm sorry, but I'm new to this Elastic and Kibana so can you tell me how to create a dashboard using API?

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