Create kibana visualization & dashboard - templates ndjson


Is there a tool/method to create a template(ndjson) for a dashboard & its visualizations; so that we can replicate the same structure with a different name for another index pattern.


clone and copy maybe can help you

Hi caster
My question is different. I do not want to clone dashboard alone.
I want my new visualizations & dashboards to refer new data view.

That is not available yet.

There's some discussion about dashboard templates over this kibana issue where you can track the progress on this feature: [Dashboard] Layout templates · Issue #124457 · elastic/kibana · GitHub

Hi Marco,

I am not looking for the empty layouts/templates.
I have already created few dashboards and want to replicate the same structure for another data view

we maybe should consider logging a new enhancement request. question for you: would turning the data view part of panels into a dashboard control satisfy your needs instead? it's a good case to add to: Kibana: Define variables, e.g. for offset for timelion and Visual Timeseries Builder via GUI · Issue #33927 · elastic/kibana · GitHub if so

you can clone and then change it, this is faster than creating a new one

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