IIS Dashboard for metricbeat

Dear all,
I have a problem with data visualization dashboard exactly with metricbeat IIS dashboard.
The problem is that I have filter "locked" on metricbeat-* index pattern

there is a way to show data that are stored in another index-pattern?

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Could you provide some info what you mean by having filter "locked" on metric beat-*?
You want to change the index pattern that's used in the visualization?

Thx & Best,

Thanks @matw for your quick response
my problem is that into the Edit Filter, in Index pattern field I only see metricbeat-*

and not all other index patterns

Have you an idea to how solve it?

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This should contain all index pattern used by your dashboard. I you would an another visualization with a different index pattern, it should be selectable in the filters

In my case I see only metricbeat-* and I do not know why I do not see the others

so there are other visualizations using other index patterns on the Dashboard ? could you share the saved object for it?

Thanks you have right all visualization had metricbeat-* as index pattern I changed to my correct index and now I can change it in Filter.

Thanks so much

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