Advice on automatic failover in case of node failure

Hi Experts,

I am first timer - created a HLRestClient to utilize BulkProcessor to push bulk data asynchronously to my cluster. Everything works great.

node list is provided in prop file as below:,,

I loop though and prepare HttpHost list.
for (int i = 0; i < hostNames.length; i++) {
HttpHost host = new HttpHost(hostNames[i]
, port
, scheme);
hosts[i] = host;

Finally the client:
client = new RestHighLevelClient(

The problem I am facing is, if one of the node from the list, is down.. the HLRestClient is not able to option the connection at all.

How should I configure so that my client can manage to get master and push the data fro the list?

If the node is down, that's good IMO that the client refuses to start.
I would only declare nodes that are actually running or I'd use the sniffer option to make that more dynamic.

Thanks for your reply David.

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