Advice on automatic failover in case of node failure

(Kishore Dubey) #1

Hi Experts,

I am first timer - created a HLRestClient to utilize BulkProcessor to push bulk data asynchronously to my cluster. Everything works great.

node list is provided in prop file as below:,,

I loop though and prepare HttpHost list.
for (int i = 0; i < hostNames.length; i++) {
HttpHost host = new HttpHost(hostNames[i]
, port
, scheme);
hosts[i] = host;

Finally the client:
client = new RestHighLevelClient(

The problem I am facing is, if one of the node from the list, is down.. the HLRestClient is not able to option the connection at all.

How should I configure so that my client can manage to get master and push the data fro the list?

(David Pilato) #2

If the node is down, that's good IMO that the client refuses to start.
I would only declare nodes that are actually running or I'd use the sniffer option to make that more dynamic.

(Kishore Dubey) #3

Thanks for your reply David.

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