Advice on upgrade winlogbeat v6.4.2 to latest 7.17.0

First time using the software and would like some help please.
I have a few servers still using v6.4.2 and I would like to go to the latest version 7.17.0
What is the best way to get there?
Remove all v6 and install v7? If so how do I remove the old version service? or Upgrade to v6.8 then to v7?
How can I do this and keep my config or do I need to recreate the config file settings?
Many thanks, D

I guess it depends on ur requirements. If u don't need need any of the old data/configs, it's probably easiest to start from scratch. If u do, I believe the upgrade path is to upgrade to the latest minor for 6.x and then u can upgrade to 7.x.

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I recommend removing the previous installation, preserving some specific configuration and installing the new version 7.17. Then, reconfigure the winlogbeat.yml file with the previous settings, if it has and if it does not generate any incompatibilities. Preferably, it is better to do everything from scratch.

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