Advise for logging infrastructure


I would like to get advise from experienced people to build a HA infrastructure to log 1.5To of data in JSON format every week. I need to have a retention time of 7 days and need to be able to requests these data by API.

The global requirements are :

  • Handle 400 000 000 requests per month (154/s)
  • Need to handle flat logs in JSON format and clear it by removing not needed informations to save disk space in the end.
  • Have a real time dashboard of flat logs
  • Have a dashboard to be able to made charts or requests on the final logs stored for 7 days.
  • Have an API available to be able to retrieve data of these logs from an external software.
  • The infrastructure should be able to easily growing in the future.
  • Send log data by HTTP request

I was thinking to create a Kubernetes Cluster on-premise on 6 dedicated servers (3 masters and 3 workers).
The 3 workers nodes will have 3.85To of SSD disk space each.
The flat log requests will be send to Graylog and Graylog allow me to handle logs in real time and get a dashboard and ElasticSearch allow me to get a analytics dashboard and API.

I have some questions :

  • Do you think Kubernetes is required or useless in my use case ?
  • Do you know if a log who is sent to Elasticsearch was automaticaly deleted on graylog to avoid disk space over usage ?
  • Do you know how many requests per seconds can handle graylog and if it is possible to send logs of 15KB in json format ?
  • Do you think that 3 dedicated servers with 8C/16T Xeon at 3.7Ghz, 64Gb Memory and 3.85To diskspace on differents datacenters but in same country can works well for cluster ?

Thanks in advance for your help and advise.

I do not see any need to introduce Kubernetes unless that is how you already deploy applications.

This seems related to Graylog, which is not supported here. I would recommend you reach out to the creators of Graylog.

Elasticsearch requires low latencies and good throughput between nodes. It is generally not recommended to distribute a cluster across multiple data centres. If latencies are very low, throughput good and the connections reliable it can be done but it may impact stability and performance. It therefore depends a lot on the size of the country and the infrastructure in place.

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