Advise on How to optimize the ElasticStack

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Hello all - we have a bunch of elasticsearch Nodes running (5 Master/2 Coordinating). Was looking at the community's advise on the current configuration. I feel that JVM Settings may be less than optimal - any comments/suggestions from veterans by seeing this snapshot of a master node will help

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Are your instances of ES all running on their own machine comparable to the output you just posted? If that case, since you have 65GB of RAM available, you should probably bump up your HEAP size for the ES JVM. Play around with different values (not exceeding 32G).

For some reference: check here

The rest of the image doesn't say much about how your ES is configured :slight_smile:

Hope this helps

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thats correct. I have one Ec2 Instance per node. So I do have plenty of RAM to play with. I assume 30 gigs of Heap should be optimal enough in order to use compressed pointers on an RHEL Linux Distro running Open JDK1.8?

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