After enabling user authenication, not able to login

Hi All,
Good afternoon
I have tried userauthenication by referring the docs
had run the command

bin/elasticsearch-setup-passwords interactive

reset all the users password to "123456"

Now when I try to login to the kiaba interface with "user" "kibana" with password "123456" , it is not allowing me to login, it is saying message as

statusCode 403
error "Forbidden"
message "Forbidden"

Screen shot attached!,

Guidance requested on pointing out where I could have gone wrong

Kibana version:
Elasticsearch version:
APM Server version:
**filebeat version **
APM Agent language and version:
Logstash version
Browser version:
Firefox 70

You should login as "elastic"
not as kibana user

Also, it's not recommended to use the "elastic" user as a daily login. Consider it an "admin" account that you use to create day-to-day users.

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