Again trying to restore backup from 6.5.11 to 7.16.3

So I've finally gotten my Elasticsearch and kibana up and running again, darned that was tough.
So I'm back to my real task of trying to figure out how to get my snapshot back into Elasticsearch.

I've set up path.repo variable in the docker-compose

If I look in the folder that I'm pointing to - path.repo=/opt/elasticsearch/backup in the docker-compose, I see a lot of files, and in just one node there is 26 GB, so it looks like there is something there.

How do I make sure that the host knows the path to the repository?

Doing a /_cat/snapshots
gives me an empty response

I've also set up ElasticHQ, and that doesn't show a Repository?

I then tried doing a
PUT _snapshot/backup

And that gave me:

{"error":{"root_cause":[{"type":"exception","reason":"failed to create blob container"}],"type":"repository_verification_exception","reason":"[backup] path  is not accessible on master node","caused_by":{"type":"exception","reason":"failed to create blob container","caused_by":{"type":"access_denied_exception","reason":"/opt/elasticsearch/backup/tests-7G849JG1T7mudhPJPMiN5Q"}}},"status":500}

What do I do now?

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