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I think there is a inconsistency in the documentation or maybe I'm not seeing something correctly. says:
Configuration options marked with Dynamic true can be changed at runtime when set from supported sources:

  • Central configuration
  • file
  • Java system properties, but only when set from within the application

In trace_methods is marked as dynamic.

But I can't edit trace_methods with remote configuration in Kibana. Do you know why this is?
I've tried the configuration (and place it in the same folder as the agent) as well as JVM arguments when starting the application.

I also have a second question: is there any data available about what the overhead would be if my trace_methods config would by [domain].[company].* and trace_methods_duration_threshold 100 ms?

The documentation warns for high overhead "The agent will create stack traces for spans which took longer than span_frames_min_duration . When tracing a large number of methods (for example by using wildcards), this may lead to high overhead. Consider increasing the threshold or disabling stack trace collection altogether" and I was curious if there is also a high overhead if the trace_methods_duration_threshold is set to a high time treshold.

Unfortunately I can't use the async profiler since we use Windows network shares.


Currently, there are a couple of configuration options in the
Java agent that are dynamic but not yet available in central config. The trace_methods option is one of them. See also

Does changing the value in work for you? Note that we reload this file every 30s.

is there any data available about what the overhead would be

It really depends on your application. If you accidentally instrument a method that usually takes a few nanoseconds and that's called millions of times per request, you'll get a significant overhead. The trace_methods_duration_threshold option does not fully get rid of all the overhead as the agent still needs to record the span to see if it's faster or slower than the threshold.

Unfortunately I can't use the async profiler since we use Windows network shares.

I've created an issue in the async-profiler repo:

This seems to be a bug and doesn't relate to the fact that async-profiler doesn't support windows.

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Hi @felixbarny

I'm responding in this topic to the bugfix for the windows network share issue as the previous topic is still locked for me. Unfortunately the bug fix did not work for me I still get:
Caused by: Input/output error\n\tat Method)\n\tat$000(\n\tat$1.close(\n\tat\n\tat

I use Oracle JDK 8 maybe that is the reason (as my error was also a bit different than the OpenJDK issue that was in the github issue).

Thanks for the feedback Nick.

Could you add this as well as the exact Java 8 version you're using on this issue?

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