Aggregate, Average and Sum counter

Hi All,
I'm new in Kibana and I'm trying to show a special counter but I've some trouble.

The data: I've some software modules that sends they're statistics with this information (every second):

"modulename": "MOD1",
"mycounter": 10

"modulename": "MOD2",
"mycounter": 23


Inside Visualize panel I'm able to create a counter grouped by modulename and with average value of "mycounter" for each modulename.
As output I've:
MOD1 - Avg.mycounter: 5
MOD2 - Avg.mycounter: 10
MOD3 - Avg.mycounter: 4

Now this is fine! Very simple. But I need also an another counter, I need the SUM of the Avg values of the previous counters (5+10+4).
How can I do this ? The number of modules is not fixed and not know. I've tried with the Metric and Buckets in the Visualize section of Kibana but I'm not able to do realize this counter.
Probably I need an "advanced" JSON input. Can some one help me?

Thank you!

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